Top 10 Concrete Companies: An In-Depth Exploration of the Top 10 Concrete Production Companies in the USA

The construction industry in the United States is a behemoth, with a demand for over 500 million tons of concrete each year. This versatile and dependable material is the backbone of various sectors, including construction, industrial, transportation, defense, utility, and residential. In this comprehensive and educational blog post, we will take an in-depth look at the ten largest concrete production companies in the USA, offering detailed insights into their operations, growth, and the crucial role they play in shaping the nation’s infrastructure.

1: CRH (Oldcastle) – A Giant in the Industry

The Rise of CRH (Oldcastle)

CRH, also known as Oldcastle, stands as one of the giants in the concrete production industry. With a global presence and a ranking as the third-largest company in the United States for producing ready mix concrete, CRH is a powerhouse. This chapter will explore the history of CRH, its operations, and the factors that contributed to its remarkable growth.

CRH’s Expansion Across Borders

CRH operates not only in all states of the USA but also in Canada and various other countries. The expansion of the company beyond the American borders showcases its ambition and strategic vision. We will explore the implications of this global presence on the concrete industry.

Financial Evolution

Over the years, CRH has witnessed notable changes in its revenue. A thorough analysis of the company’s financial history between 2014 and 2015, when its revenue increased by 0.2 billion dollars, will provide insights into the financial dynamics of the concrete industry.

2: Cemex – Bridging the Gap

A Mexican Export to the USA

Cemex, a company originating from Mexico, has successfully established itself in the United States. In 2015, the company experienced a significant sales increase, primarily due to its ready mix concrete products. This chapter will explore how Cemex managed to bridge the gap between Mexico and the USA.

The Role of Ready Mix Concrete

Cemex’s success story in 2015 can be attributed to its focus on ready mix concrete. We will investigate the significance of this concrete type in the construction industry and the specific strategies employed by Cemex.

3: Heidelberg Cement – The Profits and Efficiency

Record-Breaking Production

Heidelberg Cement is one of the USA’s largest concrete production companies. In 2015, it achieved its highest concrete production due to increased profits and reduced energy costs. This chapter will dissect the factors contributing to this remarkable feat.

Global Standing

Heidelberg Cement ranks third globally among ready mix concrete producers. A comparative analysis of the company’s global and domestic performance will shed light on its strategies for success.

Financial Surge

Between 2014 and 2015, Heidelberg Cement experienced a substantial revenue increase, almost 0.77 billion dollars. This chapter will examine the financial dynamics behind this surge.

4: LafargeHolcim – The Power of Merger

A New Giant in the Making

LafargeHolcim is the result of a merger between Lafarge and Holcim in 2015. This strategic move significantly impacted the company’s concrete production in both the USA and Canada. We will explore the details of this merger and its outcomes.

The Headquarters in Massachusetts

The company’s headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts, serves as a hub for its operations in the United States. We will explore the significance of LafargeHolcim’s choice of location and the role it plays in the company’s success.

5: Martin Marietta – Leading in Texas and Beyond

A Regional Leader

Martin Marietta is the largest ready mix concrete producer in Texas, and it has a strong presence in Colorado. The company’s financial growth is a remarkable 0.57 billion dollars between 2014 and 2015. This chapter will shed light on the strategies and operations that led to this success.

The Headquarters in North Carolina

The USA headquarters of Martin Marietta is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. The chapter will explore how this location influences the company’s operations and its broader impact on the concrete industry.

6: Vulcan Materials – The Alabama Powerhouse

A Key Player

Vulcan Materials is one of the largest ready mix concrete producers in the United States. It experienced a revenue increase of approximately 0.5 billion dollars between 2014 and 2015. In this chapter, we will investigate Vulcan Materials’ operations and the strategies behind its financial growth.

The Heart of Alabama

The company’s U.S. headquarters is located in Birmingham, Alabama. This chapter will investigate the significance of this location and its role in the company’s operations.

7: Colas – Expanding Borders

A Transnational Operation

Colas produces ready mix concrete in twenty-seven U.S. states and eight Canadian provinces. In 2016, the company experienced growth thanks to federal and state infrastructure funding in the United States. This chapter will explore Colas’s expansion across borders and its reliance on government infrastructure projects.

The Headquarters in New Jersey

The U.S. headquarters of Colas is situated in Roseland, New Jersey. We will analyze how this location connects the company to various markets and influences its growth.

8: MDU Resources Group – A Profitable Venture

Profits in 2015

MDU Resources Group reported significant profits in 2015. This chapter will examine the factors that contributed to the company’s success and its role in the concrete production industry.

The Headquarters in North Dakota

The U.S. headquarters of MDU Resources Group is located in Bismarck, North Dakota. We will explore the unique aspects of this location and its impact on the company’s operations.

9: BuzziUnicem – Meeting Growing Demands

Responding to Market Demand

BuzziUnicem benefited from the growing demand for ready mix concrete in both the U.S. and Mexico, particularly in the commercial and residential construction sectors. This chapter will discuss the strategies employed by BuzziUnicem to meet this demand.

The Headquarters in Pennsylvania

The company’s headquarters are located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This chapter will explore the significance of this location and its connections to growing markets.

10: Votorantim Cimentos – A Lasting Presence

A Long-Standing Player

Votorantim Cimentos has maintained a strong presence in the United States since 2001 and beyond. This chapter will look into the company’s history, strategies, and its ability to establish a lasting foothold in the U.S. market.

The Headquarters in Illinois

The company’s U.S. headquarters is located in Bridgeview, Illinois. We will explore how this location plays a crucial role in the company’s sustained success.


The concrete production industry in the United States is marked by the dominance of these ten companies. Their operations, strategies, and financial growth have shaped the nation’s infrastructure and continue to play a pivotal role in the construction industry. This comprehensive exploration provides valuable insights into the concrete giants that underpin the United States’ development.

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